Marketing Growth Plan

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Getting noticed is easy. Being remembered is strategic.

Marketing your salon effectively is the key to showcasing your unique identity to the world. It's essential that your marketing efforts mirror the sophistication, flair, and core values your brand embodies. Under the meticulous guidance of the Concierge, known for their sharp eye for detail and aesthetic finesse, a comprehensive technical assessment of your digital footprint is conducted. This initial phase is crucial for identifying areas ripe for enhancement, setting the stage for strategic growth.

What's Included:

  1. Technical Assessment: A thorough examination to identify and resolve hidden issues on your website that may hinder attracting new clientele. This step ensures your digital presence is optimised for visibility and engagement.

  2. Three Custom Campaigns: Creation of three bespoke marketing campaign briefs designed to resonate with your target audience. Each campaign will be crafted to leverage insights from the technical assessment, and funnelling into social media and email marketing.

  3. 12-Month Interactive Growth Plan: An actionable, step-by-step guide tailored to propel your website's digital exposure and attract more clients over the next year. This dynamic plan is designed for easy implementation, allowing you to track progress and adapt strategies as needed to ensure sustained growth and success.

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