Salon name ideas: It’s your salon’s signature, so let the naming begin!

Salon name ideas: It’s your salon’s signature, so let the naming begin!

Ring Ring, you need to answer this call. It's not just a label, it's the heartbeat of your brand! It's the first impression in your salon's identity. So, make sure it’s music to your clients ears!

Let's get into the art and style of choosing a name. It should reflect your salon design, and set the stage for all the beauty salon promotions you’re dreaming of!

Brainstorming a hair, barber, beauty or nail salon name is a creative process that can be broken down into steps. So, let's get started with your dream name in bright lights!

Understand your brand essence: 

Start by defining the core values, mission, and vision of your business. What makes your brand unique? Don’t stop looking until you find a name that shouts it from the rooftops?

Know your audience: 

Knowing your audience is the secret to beauty salon success! Consider tastes and interests then pick a name that hits.

Create a word bank of salon name ideas:

Words, words, words! Write them down! Write down everything that comes to mind. What words capture the vibe of your business, the industry buzz and which emotions do you want to highlight? Mix in the related adjectives, nouns, and verbs that align with your brand personality.

Mix and match: 

Combine words from your list in different ways. Flirt with alliterations, metaphors, or puns. Use tools like thesauruses or online business name generators for inspiration.

Keep it simple: 

Enough said!

Check availability: 

Make a shortlist, check if the domains and social media handles are single and ready to mingle. Eliminate names that are taken or trademarked.

Get feedback: 

Share your top picks with friends, family, or potential customers. Getting different views can help you take the temperature of each name.

Visualise the name: 

Imagine your salon name ideas on signage, salon marketing materials and online platforms. Does it dazzle? Is it versatile enough for all your branding needs?

Sleep on it: 

Give yourself a moment to breathe over the options. Sometimes, stepping away from the brainstorming process helps new ideas to drop.

Legal considerations: 

Before finalising, check with a legal expert. They will find out if your chosen name follows existing trademarks. It must be usable in the law.

Here's how you can ensure that all your branding and salon marketing efforts help your name get heard.

Consistent visual identity: 

This identity includes your logo, colour scheme, and typography. Use these elements in all salon marketing materials.

Mission statement alignment: 

Ensure your salon name reflects your mission statement and core values. This alignment helps reinforce your brand’s message and purpose.

Marketing material integration: 

Put your name in all salon marketing materials. Include business cards, brochures, ads, and salon social media posts. It should be prominent and on trend.

Brand storytelling: 

Use your name to tell a story. Include the history behind the name and what it represents. Weave this story into your salon marketing to connect more with your audience.

Audience engagement: 

Design your salon marketing magic with your target audience in mind. Your business name should ring the bell for your ideal client.

Trademark consistency: 

If you have trademarked your business name, use the symbols ™ or ®. They show its registered status. It’s your golden ticket and adds credibility and professionalism.

Digital dial in: 

Your name should be visible on your website and salon social media profiles. You should also include it in the URL and as a part of your digital strategy. Your name should create a strong, unified presence so customers will recognize and trust it.

Promotional campaigns: 

Tie your name into salon growth campaigns. Use it in hashtags, slogans, and as part of the campaign’s theme to strengthen brand awareness.

Get feedback and refine: 

Collect feedback on how customers perceive your business brand in your salon marketing materials. Use this insight to improve your approach. Make sure it's integrated into all your salon marketing strategies.

Stuck or in need of a sanity check, can we help you pick a name or secure a domain? That’s where we come in and we always have time for you!

RSVP to salon success. Ring the bell for the Concierge. We will be right there!

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