Dial up the charm of your salon’s marketing plan with a Google Business Profile audit.

Dial up the charm of your salon’s marketing plan with a Google Business Profile audit.

No geek talk here, think of it as a spa day for your digital footprint. It's a chance to prime your profile and dazzle in the Google spotlight.

A great Google Business Profile is like having the best moves at the party – everyone notices. The spotlight is on you, Google is the stage and your salon is the star. Having no sign is a sign of having no business. Don’t let that be you!

It’s the map to your door so when someone’s looking for a new style or a touch-up Google Business Profile has your salon’s back and puts you on the map and drops clients at your salon’s doorstep.

Clients want the scoop, and they want it fast. Your profile must have all the juicy details. Hours, services, and all those gorgeous photos of your work, that’s what your clients crave.

In the beauty biz, what people say matters. Your Google Business Profile is where clients can find the gossip that gets people through your door.

Google loves to keep things lively. Post regular updates to your profile with new photos, offers, and posts and Google will reply with a wink and a nudge!

Your Google Business Profile is your digital front window, and you want to be dressed to impress!

Here’s the lowdown on giving your salon’s listing the full VIP treatment:

First off, let’s make sure all the details on your profile are spot-on. Your salon’s name, address, phone number, and hours must be precise. 

It’s all about profile perfection. Are you strutting your stuff in the right business categories? Are your images turning heads with their high-quality glam? And those keywords – are they working the room with charm?

Time to step up your salon game! Let's do some competitor analysis and see how you stack up against the competition down the street.

Customer insights and interactions are gold dust for tweaking your online allure. Check out how your clients feel about your profile. Are they ringing you off the hook, clicking through to your site, or mapping their way to your door? 

Your salon’s info should be the same no matter where it’s listed on the web. We'll check all the directories so they match your Google Business Profile.

Reviews are the applause after a show-stopping performance. We’ll scope out what the crowd is saying and make sure you’re taking a bow and responding with grace.

A great audit is structured, step by step. It starts with the basics then moves onto engagement and comparing competitors. It’s a systematic approach to ensure your online presence is as polished as a fresh salon style.

Sure, you could give yourself a trim, but why not go for the full makeover with an expert? SEO pros have the skill to dig into your profile’s performance. They find hidden gems that boost your visibility and draw a crowd.

After the audit, you’ll have a to-do list worthy of applause. An expert can help you tackle these tasks with the precision of a colorist mixing the perfect shade. They'll guide you through updating your profile. They'll help with engaging with reviews. They'll ensure that your salon appears consistently across the internet.

Be the star of the digital salon scene and steal the show. With an expert by your side, you can act on the findings with a quick click and a tap. Your online profile is often your first impression. 

So, let’s make a success story you are proud to share. Get tuned in with the Concierge for a your eyes only SEO audit!

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